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Abigale is a Graduate of our Puppy Swim Program. This is what her Dad had to say about our program, and what fun Abigale had on their vacation!

Worth every penny to have Abigail in swim class.

She was awesome.  After the 2nd day, she would (with a bit of coaxing from us) willingly walk into the water.We anchor the boat in as shallow as we can, and she would just walk out and wait for us to lift her in. She didn't try to "swim" when she knew she could just stand.

Didn't get much of a chance to really get her swimming around. The bottom is very rocky, and hard to walk on while trying to get her to follow you.   We did get a few shots of her, and she really did well keeping her paws down, and not thrashing the water.

Thanks again for what you did with her!   We go again in August, and this time we have some locations where we can work on some longer swimming times
as well as seeing if she wants to retrieve a toy.




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