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Things You Need to Know...aka Pool Rules



While we do swim dogs from 9am to 9pm., 7 days a week, 365 days a year.                  

                 We Swim By Appointment Only.  We DO NOT ACCEPT "WALK INS"


TIME...It is all about Time.    Your appointment Time!


​We have more than doubled our dog swims from this same time last year. This is wonderful, we are thrilled to help so many dogs...But this has forced us to book many appointments back to back.

With this in mind Please be aware of the following: If you do arrive for your swim early you will most probably have to wait. Please do not assume that because our previous clients have left that you can start your appointment early. We count on the time gap between clients to clean the facility and to do any necessary maintenance on the pool.

There is a waiting area in the office, or,  you may wait in your car until your appointment time.

We take great care to provide the same level of cleanliness for every client, from the first dog to the last.





WELCOME!    Upon Your Arrival...


Upon your arrival please take your dog to the potty area at the north side of the office entrance and allow them to relieve themselves before your appointment begins. There are poo bags, paper towels and a trash can available in the potty area for you to use.

 Please respect our home and our neighbors lawn (the one across the street that does look like a park)

Only allow your dog to go potty in the fenced in customer potty area.


Please Note!  If your dog defecates in the pool, for Health reasons we must close the facility for 24hrs. and drain the pool. We must then cancel all appointments until we can re-open the facility. If this happens we reserve  the right to charge you a $250.00  cleaning fee Plus lost revenue from any canceled appointments during the 24 hour closure. All this can be avoided if you Ensure your dog has adequately relieved themselves before entering the pool.




LATE! If you are late for your appointment...


Please try to communicate with us at the time so we can discuss what options may be available.So much depends on what the schedule is for that day. There may be times we have more 'wiggle room' than others.


If we do Not hear from you we will do the following: We allow for a 10 minute buffer, after 10 minutes we will start your swim timer. The timer will run as it does for your normal swim time. If you arrive at any time before your swim time is up your dog may swim until the time is over, then dry as usual. There are times when this 'shortened swim time'  is NOT an option.

This is decided on an individual basis.


NOTE: Once the timer has started you will be charged for your appointment.



WHAT to bring.


*Your first appointment remember to bring your vet note!

We do not allow street shoes in the pool area. Flip-flops, Crocs, water shoes or sandals are all fine. Basically not the shoes you came in with on your feet. Most of our clients prefer to be barefoot.

The floor is radient heated Porcelain that feels wonderful on feet and paws!


Towels! How many you need will depend on your dog. You may want to bring a towel for yourself also, as you will get wet. We provide you with a fully equipped private drying room to ensure you dog is comfortable, and dry for the trip home!


               Bring your Camera !  There are many 'Kodak' moments.





​Do NOT feed your dog at Least three (3) hours before swimming and at Least one (1)hour after swimming.This is very important to prevent a Potentially Life Threatening Condition called Bloat. If you are not familiar with bloat you should be. Bloat has many triggers, one being exercise too soon after eating.

If you have more questions we would be happy to discuss Bloat with you.


TELL us...

​If you have a dog reactive dog, let us know in advance and we will make arraignments for your dog to enter the facility.  We have designed our facility using dog knowledge, and common sense.

If need be, your dog will be able to come, swim and leave without any contact with any other dogs even though they may be present in the facility.


The majority of dogs are fine with other dogs, and will come and go through the front office door.



You will need to speak to your Veterinarian or Surgeon about your dogs suitability for Aquatic Exercise as there are conditions that swimming is not suitable for.

**These conditions are listed here on the bottom of the "Why?" page.

NOTE- We will not swim any dog without the express consent of their primary care vet or surgeon.



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