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Do You Want to know...

Why did we start swimming dogs? We started down this path when our dog Gryphon was diagnosed at 10 months old with severe Hip and Elbow Dysplasia. Gryphon is a Shiloh Shepherd. Shilohs are considered a Giant Breed, they do not finish growing until they are three years old.

Surgery was not recommended until he finished growing. What would we do until then? The thought of giving him drugs at such a young age was not an option as far as we were concerned, yet how could he live a normal , pain free life?


Our vet suggested we could try to find a Hydrotherapy pool and swim him. He told us how swimming had been found to be helpful in treating Dysplasia. He did however strongly caution us to NOT swim him in the abundant lakes and rivers we have so close to home.


Swimming in natural water is NOT in any way considered Therapeutic. In fact Cold water will do more harm than good. After searching for a "Doggie Pool" we could not find anything within a 300 mile radius of us.They say timing is everything...well the timing of this really could not have been better. At that time we were looking to purchase property to build a dog centered business.  The facility would have been complete with a permanent indoor and outdoor show grounds, Doggie Day Care and Camp

Guess what we built instead?

The phrase "Dog is My Co-Pilot" has never been truer. Our course in llife was indeed set by our Dog.



Now in 2014, 10 years and thousands of dogs later...we know we made the right choice.

for Gryphon and for every other dog who has put a paw in the pool. Gryphon has never needed surgery.

Gryphon is now 11 years old, he does get accupuncture and chiropractic adjustments, and of course he is still swimming!







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