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Why Swim Your Dog?

There are as many reasons as there are dogs! Here are just a few...


* Pain Management

*Mental Health


*Re-Education of Limbs

*Pre-Operative Conditioning



*Weight Loss

*Weight Management


*Degenerative Myelopathy


*Neuromuscular Dysfunction

*Elbow Dysplasia



Athletic Conditioning


*Lyme Disease

*Improved Cardiac Function

*Non Weight Bearing Exercise

*Post Operative Conditioning




Plus, Plus Plus there are many more

reasons still that we have not listed!

             Not to forget..Fun!

  *FUN* We cannot stress enough

just how much fun your dog will have, all while they are getting Healthier!





                                    When to NOT Swim your Dog.

There is very little that would stop a dog from swimming.

*If your dog is bleeding either internally or externally, ie: Heat cycle, Wound, Incompletely healed surgical site, or any other reason.

*If your dog has had surgery, they cannot swim until after the stitches and or staples are removed, and the site is 'pinked over'.


*We tailor each swim to each individual dog. We need to be aware of any medical issue your dog may have, this will allow us to properly address their issues and tailor their swim accordingly.  We swim a lot of dogs with a wide array of medical needs. It is surprising how beneficial warm, deep water swimming is for a variety of problems.

Not Swim
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