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                   COVID 19


Are you open, even during 'Lockdowns' ?

YES! We are considered an "Essential Service" falling under the "Animal Health" category. 

What are your COVID hours? 

Please call 585-352-swim(7946) for our current hours of operation.  Appointments are always required.
We Do Not Accept Walk-Ins.

How do you clean/disinfect your facility?
Due to being deemed 'essential' we knew we would not be subject to lockdowns. We had to figure out a way to carry on swimming dogs, in the safest way possible. Spraying bleach everywhere is not an option when you are working with dogs...or animals of any kind. We had to figure out a better solution!


We have always aspired to be "ahead of the curve'.  As early as January 2020 we started researching the best way to deal with this virus. Early on it was widely accepted in most of the world that this was primarily an Airborne contagion. We researched into how airborne contagions are commonly dealt with by the likes of hospitals and research labs.
UVc  lights are the industry standard. 
We invested heavily into active and passive UVC disinfection for our entire facility.

** Click HERE to see our lights in action**

Can I come inside with my dog??

YES!! Due to our UVC lights, you absolutely can come in. You can interact with your dog. You can join in the fun, dry  your dog in the drying room, do it all... just like before.
The Only difference is you are required to wear a mask...that's it! 

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