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PLEASE NOTE:  All dogs that swim at K9 CARE, either for Health reasons or just for Fun, Must complete either a Two or Three day Orientation. The difference is explained below.
*Orientation Swims are Non Refundable.

Orientation Swim *Two Day  *Cost $140.00



This is the option for your dog if they have NO health issues, and are swimming for Exercise, Cross Training, or just FUN


*Note: First swim appointment can be up to 90 minutes long. So much depends on your dog. Some warm right up and just want to get in the pool, others are a bit more cautious.  We work on trust, communication and positive reinforcement, with some dogs, initially this takes time.


All appointments after your first one are up to 1 hour.
Note*  While your appointment time is one hour, your dog is not in the pool that entire time.


This one hour appointment time includes check in, and drying time after your swim. Dogs are only in the pool a maximum of 30 minutes.

This is the option for your dog if they have ANY health issues.

Including, but not limited to the following:


* If your dog is over 6 years old

* Preparing for surgery  * Recovering from surgery

* Obesity                           * Neurological Disorders

* Cruciate Injury               * Orthopedic Issues Hip/Elbow Dysplasia


Appointment times are the same as for the two day orientation. Your first appt. may take up to 90 minutes, subsequent appointments are a maximum of one hour long.




Orientation Swim *Three Day  *Cost $190.00



Aqua Dog Savings Card

Once your dog has finished their Orientation swims, we offer you our

"Aqua  Dog Card"...it is our frequent swimmer card.

5 Swim Aqua Dog Card = $250.00

Aqua Dog Card! Saves you  $10.00 a Swim!!

Individual Swims are $60.00

Note!  Aqua Dog Cards Expire 1Year after the date of issue.

          They are fully transferrable from dog to dog.

Puppy Water Safety Course

For puppies 10 to 20 weeks old

This is a 5 swim course. Designed specifically for puppies.  Puppy classes are private, just your puppy and The Dog Swimmer.


 Your pup will not only learn how to save themselves, they will learn how to swim and how to have FUN in the water!

A breakdown of the course is found here





*Note  Puppies also require a vet note.


Cost of Puppy Class is $175.00