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! We Do Not Swim During Thunderstorm Activity!

Living where we do we experience frequent and often violent Thunderstorms .

Thunder Season starts mid April and can run right into November. The most active months are June thru August.


Our Legal Team and our Insurance Agent have advised us against being in the pool during these "events" We agree!


We have found local weather forecasts are terribly inaccurate, and the fact that we seem to be located in a Storm Epicenter, we cannot rely on regular local weather. We found an alternative.

We pay for an Aviation/Marine Satellite feed of real time weather for our specific location.


We have included some screen shots of last years storms. You will see from the pictures that it seems like we are a target. You will see that we can be under siege, where just a few miles away they have no weather at all.



The Legend for Lightning is below:

The squares on the maps are lightning strikes.

White=less than 10 minutes ago,    Yellow= 20 minutes ago,    Red  = 40 minutes ago

The arrows measure speed and storm direction.

The circles around K9 C.A.R.E.: Blue Circles are a 5 miles radius marker.

The large red circle is the 50 mile border.


   We Cancel swims if there is, or will be lightning within the Red circle.

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