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Puppy Water Safety Class

We did some reserch to see just how many pets die every year in America from  drowning. We were very surprised to learn the high number of preventable deaths from drowning. While there seem to be no actual numbers, the estimates are in the thousands!

The swimming pool can be summer’s best friend or a year-round disaster waiting to happen. Consider the drowning deaths of 4,000 children every year in swimming pools across the US. Multiply by one hundred and you have a reasonable guess at the number of dogs that drown each year in our backyard pools, or ponds.

It is a false belief that all dogs know how to swim.

They do not all know how to swim...not even close!

 All dogs have the instinct to attempt to save themselves. Flailing about, beating the water with all they are worth is all some are capable of. Trust us...we have seen this many many times.

(click on the image to the left to enlarge it, you will see what we mean)


A dogs natural fight or flight instinct does not work for them in the water, as they can do neither. Creating a cycle of panic that very quickly drains their energy...and they drown.

                       A Tragedy that is Preventable.


Puppy Water Safety Class

For Puppies from 10 to 20 weeks old.

Day 1-  Orientation                               60 minutes

Day 2 - 2nd Orientation                        30 minutes

Day 3 - 3rd Orientation                        30 minutes

Day 4 - 5 days after first swim           30 minutes

Day 5 - 7 days after first swim           30 minutes

Puppy Class  $150.00

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