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Within days of adopting Banjo from a local shelter I noticed that his back left leg was giving out on him. After a visit to the vet it was confirmed that he had luxating patellas in both back legs (floating kneecaps). The diagnosis was he would need surgery in both legs to fix the situation. He had grade 4 (the worst case) on the left leg and grade 3 on the right.

The vet suggested that I start him on swim therapy to build up his strength prior to the scheduled operation a few weeks away.


At our surgery pre-op visit the vet conducted a thorough examination of Banjo and declared that this could not be the same dog they saw six weeks prior!


He could not detect the luxating patella on his back right leg any longer, and on the left leg he went from a grade 4 to a grade 1.

He could not manipulate the kneecap out of alignment (a great sign) and was blown away with the progress that Banjo had made with only having swum six sessions at that point.



The vet recommended cancelling the surgery, and continuing with the swim class sessions, as well as to continue walking him daily. We owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to our vet for recommending Bill at K9 Care and to Bill himself.


 Banjo loves swimming; he looks forward to each and every visit! We are overjoyed with the progress that Banjo has made and we tell everyone about the wonderful services K9 Care provides!



With the kindest regards,


Nikki Mason & Banjo!


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