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"Buddy-our 8 year old golden has benefited mentally as well as physically with the therapeutic swim sessions with Bill.

Buddy was a rescue dog who suffered from neglect & mistreatment at a young age. It left him with a lot of mental scars & physical ailments/arthritis of the spine, shoulders & wrists. Exercise was becoming difficult & combined with low thyroid - the weight was adding to his problems.


Warm Salt Water Swimming & Bill to the rescue!!

Buddy learned to "trust" someone new & leave my side & enjoyed the water. Each swim was more positive & physically he was improving, feeling good & loosing weight.


So much so that he tried to run like a pup after a squirrel & suffered a severe sprain to a wrist full of arthritis.

We had to readjust his workouts for a short time to accommodate the healing wrist but to still allow him the mental & physical benefit of swimming.

I cannot say enough for this program & the kind, caring people that Bill & Jill are.


We will continue to swim Buddy on a maintenance program for as long as he is able to swim."


Cheri Johnson



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