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"Buster first came to K9 C.A.R.E. for swimming after having exhausted all other forms of exercise. He is a German Sheperd/Pit bull mix and has a progressive disease called DM that is common among German Shepherds.He lived for his daily walks but was slowly losing the nerves in his rear legs that enabled him to walk.


Eventually his foot would knuckle under and drag on the pavement causing his toe nails to bleed. I tried protective shoes, it worked for a while but eventually he couldn't even do that.Next, I tried exercising him on an underwater treadmill. It was suppose to build muscle while alleviating the negative effects of walking on pavement. It was prohibitively expensive and I could only do it once a week so it never helped him much. The constant motion of the treadmill was exhausting for him.

Then I heard of "The Dog Swimmer".I called Bill in desperation and he took Buster right away. When Buster first went for a swim he was very nervous having never been in a large body of water before. It took Buster just a couple of swims, and the constant attentiveness of Bill for him to relax. He quickly bonded with Bill and spends time kissing him while swimming.The swimming has made all the difference in Buster's life.


I first noticed a lot more energy and an ability to walk straight. The water allows for the muscles that he overuses to finally relax.Bill gives him a gentle massage when he is not swimming. Buster is allowed to go at his own pace and is never overtaxed.

This has been the Best thing I have done for Buster.

The swimming has kept him going both physically and mentally. If he wasn't exercising to keep his mobility he would have had to be put down 8 months ago.


Buster looks forward to his twice a week swim routine. It is the only exercise that gives him complete freedom from this disease.Bill runs a spotless place, is reasonable priced and best of all really cares about Buster!"


Nancy Moretti







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