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Let's Talk...

First, An Invitation to vets who are unsure of what we do here...

A relationship with our local (and not so local) veterinary community is very important to us. Frankly, we could not remain in business without it. We require a health release signed by a vet or surgeon for every dog we swim.

This has been a requirement since we opened in 2004, No exceptions. This would not be possible without the support of the Veterinary Community for the past 11 years.

What we achieve here just by swimming dogs is quite remarkable.

We extend an Open Invitation to any and all Vets and Surgeons to come visit our facility. We are confident you will be impressed, our facility is world class. We designed it with dog in mind!
We invite you to audit a swim. Speak to our clients...we have hundreds. who would be more than happy to talk about thier experience here. Many of our clients have been with us for years, some over 10 years!

                 This is Axel. 
Axel was our very first client.

The first picture is Axel in 2004,

the second is Axel in 2014.

The Support and Loyalty shown to us by our clients over the years humbles us.

                            It also tells us we are doing something very right.

Every so often we hear that there are some questions as to what we do here. That is understandable.

The results we achieve are pretty incredible, defying all odds and surprising even us at times!

We are one of the oldest Aquatic Centers for Dogs in the USA. We have been swimming dogs since 2003, we officially opened to the public in 2004. While we have not counted, we have swum thousands of dogs.



The statement we are hearing now is "but, they are not certified"


While we have already addressed who we are here, maybe we need to dive a bit deeper.

Let us start with this most important point...

We are not Therapists. We are not Vets,  Nor have we ever represented ourselves as such.                       

There is no certifiction required, or even offered, by any recognized learning institution to "certify" anyone to swim dogs!


We liken ourselves to a gym. Before you start to exercise at your local gym, they advise you to see your Doctor before you start any exercise program. Just as when you go to your local gym, you do not expect a Doctor to asist you with your workout. You do not require a Vet to swim your dog.

Does the lack of some type of certification, assuming there was one of course,  mean we do not know what we are doing? Far from it. In fact the exact opposite is true. We are honored to have assisted others in opening their own pools. We have developed practices and protocols over the years that have been adopted by a large number of other facilities.

                 They say "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery"...we are very very flattered.


We are proud to have set a very high benchmark. Our facility is purpose built. Every inch is well thought out. Designed by us from the ground up specifically to provide your dog the very best experience possible. We spared no expense to ensure a safe, functional and fun facility for Your dog.

We raised a lot of eyebrows back then. What we were embarking on was totally foreign to most people.
Some thought we were nothing more than a bathtub in a garage.
This explains why this picture hangs in our office.

Some thought they could get the same

results we do, in their bathtub at home!

Needless to say, they were wrong...on both points.

Truth is People are going to talk even if they are not informed


Please take a moment and read here what People who ARE Informed have to say about us.

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