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"The Dog House" offers

'Special Needs' In Home Care and Sleep Overs.

We will be accepting a very limited number of dogs for daytime care, or, overnight stays.

When we say 'In Home' that is exactly what we offer. Your dog, staying in our home. No Stress...No Chaos...No Multiple Barking Dogs...No Kennel Runs...No Crates (unless of course by your request. We understand some dogs love to sleep in their crate).


When we say very limited number, that is what we mean. You will not find 5, 10, 20 or more dogs here at any given time. There are many establishments that offer large numbers of dogs, some in a commercial type setting, if that is what you are looking for. That is not us.


Our focus is directed towards dogs that a more traditional option will not work for.

We are here for the dogs that need more...because we have so much more to offer.
What More Do We Have to Offer?

Let us begin with your dog will be the ONLY dog here...your dog is our only concern. 

When we say 'special needs' we are talking about a wide range of dogs with various needs,  needs that other day care, boarding facilities simply cannot, or will not accommodate

  • Senior Pets

  • Pets with Special Dietary Needs

  • Seizure Disorders or Epilepsy

  • Incontinence

  • Blind Pets

  • Anxiety

  • We can accommodate your dog even if they are not fond of other dogs. If your dog just doesn't play well with anyone but humans, that is okay.   Note! We will not take any dogs that don't play well with humans.

  • Rescued dog? Many people with rescue dogs find their dogs do not do well when they are left in a "traditional" kennel.


Maybe your dog just will not do well at all in a loud, chaotic warehouse type of kennel. Some dogs are simply overwhelmed by such facilities, multiple dog interactions simply don't work for all dogs. 
    may be as simple as you don't want that kind of experience for your dog.

                                        Then "The Dog House" is your answer. 

The Dog House Rates

 Stays at "The Dog House" are billed per 24 hours.  Drop your dog off anytime after 9 am (if other times are required that is okay, we are very flexible) Pick them up 24 hours later.  Cost - $85.00.  **Additional charge of $5 per hour exceeding the 24 hour pick up time, up to 3 hours. After that time another full day charge will apply.

Additional dogs in the same family add $25.00 per dog. 

Daytime Visits. Drop your dog off for the day (maximum of 8 hours)  Cost $55.00. Additional dogs, in the same family  add $25.00 per dog.

Overnight Visits. Drop your dog off just for the night (maximum of 8 hours) Cost $55.00. Additional dogs, in the same      family add $25.00 per dog.

**Note: Has your dog has recently had a surgical procedure? Or has been in an accident?
Are they under a vet's care still and require a regimen of medications? 
 Or, for whatever reason is in need of a recovery environment we can help...

  Please visit our one of a kind unprecedented level of C.A.R.E.  here.

To speak with us about your dog's C.A.R.E. needs call us  585-352-CARE(2273)

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