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Lily, my nine year old Schipperke mix has always been an active dog, usually averaging several miles a day of walking and running. When she tore her ACL last June she stopped using her leg completely and never regained mobility, even after surgery.Her pain was so great that she became afraid to even try using it even after the vet said it had healed completely.


It was then that the vet recommended K9 C.A.R.E. as a healing option.When we first came to K9 C.A.R.E. the extent of our activity was a walk around the block, now we are up to a mile a day. Swimming has made a world of difference both physically and, for us, emotionally. Lily's muscle tone has developed beautifully and the water allows her a range of motion she could never achieve on land.


She can hardly contain herself when she sees me putting her swim towel in the bag. She whines with excitement all the way out to see Bill, and she is just about ready to jump in the pool all by herself.

I couldn't be happier to see my dog so full of the zest for life she possessed before her injury. The games Bill plays with her, and his expert coaching keep her engaged and interested. She is having too much fun to realize how hard she is working.


Swimming at K9 C.A.R.E. has offered me a piece of mind and a sense of emotional well being that were all but bankrupt before we came. I was frustrated with the slow pace of Lily's recovery, and now with Bill's encouragement I notice her successes instead.  I try to emulate the calm assertive energy that Bill uses with Lily at home and our relationship is growing and developing everyday.


Discovering  "The Dog Swimmer" has truly been our blessing in the disguise of an injury that was causing me to lose hope. Lily is doing fantastic, she is beginning to use her leg and we are both having a great time in the process.


Thank you Bill & Jill
Lisa & Lily


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