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First, a little background on Mikey. Mikey a 5 year old Golden Doodle came to us hoping to get into a bit better shape before surgery.


Mikey has severe hip dysplasia and was scheduled for surgery to totally replace his right hip. His left would have to be done some time down the road.

There was much preparation in Mikey's household planning for his recovery. With 4 other fur siblings in his house, and Mikey limited to crate rest for at least 4 weeks their household was not going to be 'normal' for a long time.


His special area was set up with his new orthopedic bed, work schedules were adjusted to accommodate Mikey, vacation time taken so he would not be alone. A lot of time and preperation was put into Mikey's surgery and recovery.

They were as ready as they could be for such a major event!


Mikey went in for his Pre Surgery X-Rays the evening before he was scheduled for his hip replacement... WELL!!Mikey's Mom called us from the surgeon's office with some incredible news!!

 Mikey's highly respected Board Certified Surgeon said.."Mikey DOES NOT NEED THIS SURGERY NOW".


The Surgeon was so very impressed with what we are doing with Mikey. He told Mikey's Pawrents to thank us as we saved Mikey from having this surgery.

"His improvement since he started swimming is amazing" All this was accomplished in just 16 swims! Mikey's Mom has been instructed by the Surgeon to swim Mikey once a week. As long as he can do that he will Never Need Surgery!


We are so very happy to have helped Mikey!




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