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"The Dog House" is all about C.A.R.E.






I have to go back to work on Monday!


Depending on the surgery your dog has, the list of aftercare instructions can be everything from daunting to impossible.
Here are a few of the restrictions that apply to many common surgeries:




  • Absolutely No Stairs

  • Calm Leash Walking Only

  • No interactions with other pets in your household

  • Keep Quiet 

  • Crate Rest

  • Medication Schedules ie every 4 hours.

  • Close Observation

  • Pain Management

Our other dog

will not leave

him alone!

My dog is Huge!

I don't have a big

enough crate!

She needs to take her pills

four times a day!
Who is going to do that??

We hear all the time the frustration felt by families that have no options for aftercare. We hear the stories of dogs getting around the 'Cone of Shame' and ripping out stitches, dogs falling down with no one there to help them up. Dogs not getting their pain medications on a required schedule because no one could be home.

Stairs! Stairs are a huge problem for so many. What do you do if your dog has just had surgery on their leg and cannot use the stairs? What if your dog is too heavy, or, too big for you to physically carry? What do you do then?


Sometimes it is not the dog that has had surgery, but the other pets in the home who just do not understand why their friend will not run and play with them.

What if your dog is a "doorbell enthusiast" and the inevitable happens while your dog is home alone... someone rings the doorbell.  Your dog starts jumping with excitement...there go the stitches! We have heard this story and many more so many times.

These scenarios are very stressful and confusing to your dog. Not to mention how stressful it is for the humans having to deal with, and how worrying it is for you having to leave you dog alone all day while you are at work!

Dogs have an incredible ability to heal quickly, the less stress, the more ideal the recovery environment, the quicker they will recover.   

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To speak with us about your dog's C.A.R.E. needs call us  585-352-CARE(2273)

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