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Our Pool..."Where the Magic Happens"

Our Pool is a jetted swim spa. It is an acrylic pool 4 feet deep 8 feet wide and 17 feet long.


We use a salt water generator along with an elaborate filtration system to ensure the best water quality available.

*Remember we are in the same pool as your dog a minimum of 8 hours a day, every day.


Water quality is very important!


With two large Hydrotherapy swim jets we can generate a variable speed current up to 6mph. for our canine athletes.

Our senior clients can sit and relax in softly bubbling therapy jets.


We used our extensive knowledge of dogs as a basis for designing our facility. Our facility is "purpose built", meaning we did not adapt an already existing space to "make do"


We designed it from the ground up. Great care has been taken down to the smallest detail to ensure your dog a safe and happy experience.


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