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Webcam viewing available for the pawrents. The live streaming video images can be seen on a variety of handheld devices and browsers, on both PC and Mac formats, and is accessible with a password for the duration of your dog’s stay.

We are able to feed any diet your dog requires. We personally feed our dogs a raw diet and can accomodate any diet or diet restrictions your dog requires. If you cook for your dog, we will cook for your dog. If your dog only eats kibble that is soaked in chicken broth...not a problem.

                          Whatever you do for your dog...we will do for your dog.


We feature homemade, as in made right here in my kitchen, healthy dog treats.

  • We have approached this extension of our business with the same care, thought, and attention to detail we used in designing our aquatic facility. Right down to dog friendly furniture, and plenty of comfy dog beds.

  • Our ground level accomodations are totally handicapped accessible for dogs in wheelchairs, or older dogs, or dogs that just cannot do stairs.

  • Our property is very unique. We designed it specifically to accomodate a wide variety of canine wants and needs.  

  • Our very large yard is fully fenced. We have a seperate gravel potty area, as well as a seperate, large gravel play yard. 

  • There are multiple outdoor areas for your dog to enjoy. Maybe they just want to relax in the shade on the back patio, or they can nap on the patio under the big ash tree at the edge of the forest. In the evening spending time out front on the sunset courtyard is always a favorite.

  • Say something here about eco friendly mosquito preventative

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