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This incredible dog was 1 year old, this past August 2015. He is the product of human greed. Schatzi is a purebred Kuvasz. He was bred by a kennel in Ontario, Canada. Knowing full well the genetic issues carried in the lines of their breeding dogs they made the conscious choice to produce litter after litter anyway. Ignoring genetics, abandoning their humanity. Knowing the heartache, the financial burden and the pain that is associated with such a heartless decision.

For what...all for money! *Please Note. We are not speaking badly of all breeders. Just the individuals whose morals, ethics, and empathy are overtaken by greed. 

PLEASE do your research. In this day and age the internet is an invaluable tool to assist in finding out the good from the bad.
That being said, even with research, sometimes things get past the best of us. We know this personally. We got our Gryphon from a "Greeder" We did not know it at the time what a horiffic place he came from. He never should have been born. Both his parents were diagnosed with a myriad of known genetic issues. That means nothing to a "Greeder"

The parents must produce good looking puppies...that is the important thing.

"Greeders" have no regard for the lives they are ruining. 

We got out Gryphon from the Breed Founder!! One would think this would be a good thing! It was NOT. You would think the founder of a breed would have the very best interest of their 'legacy' first and foremost. It was/is nothing more than a Puppy Mill. 


We have said enough on this subject here now. We try not bring our personal causes here...but... just look at this magnificent dog! You cannot help but be angry, frustrated and incredibly sad. 

Schatzi reminds us that the fight to stop irresponsible breeders must continue. People need to know about such atrocities. 

These "Greeders" need to be punished to the fullest extent of the law. This is criminal and needs to be treated as such.


                                             Off our 'soapbox' now, and into the pool...where we belong!


Schatzi's Journey with Us.

Below is his photo album, here is the link to his videos

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