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"After sustaining a spinal cord injury in February which resulted in an acute arthritic condition, Shakta my 121/2 year old male Rottweiler was paralyzed in his hind quarters. He was alternately in terrible pain or completely without sensation. I immediately scheduled an appointment for acupuncture for him. An experienced and talented acupuncturist got Shakta back on his feet after just one session. I scheduled three more consecutive appointments and we still see her once per month.Knowing that Shakta has led an above average activity filled lifestyle, which included 5 mile walk-run-jog-hike days, and swimming each day that weather permits here in New York State. Shakta's acupuncturist recommended that Shakta be acquainted with Bill "The Dog Swimmer".


Although Shakta was able get up and down and walk again, his quality of life would dimish without his former level of activity. His strength would quickly deteriorate, along with his mental health.Shakta began a vigorous routine swimming with Bill every third day as long as my time permitted it. He now swims twice a week, and begs to go Every Single Day!


Shakta's quality of life has improved tenfold since beginng to swim at

K9 C.A.R.E. He has great energy and strength. He once again has interest and curiosity in everything that previously interested him.He takes long walks with me again, as long as its not too hot. We now stick to grassy trails and avoid pavement for less impact.

He bothers me all day to be let in and out from his watching post on the back porch just as before he sustained his injury. Shakta now goes for every ride in the car, before swimming he was actually passing on rides in the car, something completely out of character


Instead of moaning and groaning and panting all night like he did before swimming with Bill, Shakta now sleeps peacefully by my side through each night.Shakta is a big dog and he finds Bill to be trustworthy, as he allows him to lift him in and out of the pool. Shakta looks forward to swimming with Bill, he expects to  work hard and to be rewarded, and he is!

And so am I!!

I can't thank Bill and Jill enough for being so competent and caring about helping Shakta thereby helping me."


Amber Hanna

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