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Introducing "The DOG HOUSE"

Not to worry, we will still be swimming dogs, just as we have for the past 14 years. We have wanted to expand our services into this area for a long time.

We are finally in a position to move forward with this new addition to K9 C.A.R.E.

We are pleased to offer this new, much needed service.

What is The Dog House? First and Foremost The Dog House is all about C.A.R.E.

Canine Aftercare Recovery Environment

For years now we have been hearing the same concerns from our clients. What to do with their dog after surgery? Not everyone is in a position to stay at home and give the required aftercare to their dog.


Your dog is cleared by your vet or surgeon to go home...but should they?

The answer to this question a lot of times is No, your pet really should not go home...Not just yet. Most dogs need a little extra care for a day or two after surgery. Some extra supervision when they are discharged from the vet after surgery is helpful for some dogs, essential for others.

No kennel or day care will accept a dog that has stitches, or other physical limitations that require extra time, attention and care.

Many times the circumstances at home are less than ideal for recovery. What are you going to do?  Where can your dog go? Finally there is an answer...."THE DOG HOUSE"

We have created the ideal place to fit just this need. Please click here to learn more.

Wait...There is Even More!

Speaking with our clients about this service the same question kept coming up..."can our dog stay here too?" "My dog has not had surgery, But, can he please stay here, anyway? Many dogs have special needs preventing them from visiting  conventional establishments.  We thought about it...and YES of course they can!

Please click here to learn more about our limited special needs Daytime C.A.R.E. and Overnights.

To speak with us about your dog's C.A.R.E. needs call us  585-352-CARE(2273)

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